Tuesday, September 8, 2009



So, I just joined a new site called YouData that pays you simply for clicking on ads and opening them up! The ads vary on how much you get paid, but they run about 0.05-0.13, and since they are quick and easy to pull up, you can rack those cents up pretty quickly! This is a pretty new site and they are actually pretty impressive. The site itself is really businessy and the ad-viewer you download is a nifty little thing. This is definitely one of the best and highest paid Pay-Per-Click (PTC) sites, as other maybe give you a penny for each ad viewed if you're lucky! When you first join, you basically get a list of ads available and then you're ready to go! Once you fill out all the ads that are up at the time, you can keep checking back to find out if any new ones pop up. The great thing about YouData is they pay you through Paypal every Friday, regardless of how much you've earned, so there's no minimum payout you have to reach and you're stuck waiting forever to get paid! So, if you're going to join a PTC site, this is the way to go!!


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