Saturday, September 19, 2009

IM Report Card Run-Down


Well, I am here to give you the low down on my currently favorite fine: IM Report Card. Now, I know that I've posted my receipts and told you how much I've made, but I haven't told you really how you make it. First, IM Report Card is a listing of tons of different products, services, people, and other ways that you can make money online. There are so many of claims to internet millionaire-ism flying around cyberspace, and at IM Report Card, you can go and check out what is legit, what are scams, and read personal opinions from other members. It's great in that you can not only make money yourself, but read about other products or opportunities you may or may not have heard about.

Okay, so the way it is set up, is through a point system, and basically 1 point = $.01. You get 1 point for rating whether a posted comment is helpful or not, you get 10 points to grading a certain product, service, person, or other, and you get 50 points to making a comment. There are also additional incentives for commenting on products with an * after them, denoting that there are less than 2 comments already posted. So, if you are one of the first to comment, you will get rewarded and get a total of 150 points. You can submit a particular site or product that isn't listed already, and if they choose to profile it you will get rewarded with 100 points.

Okay, now, the only thing you need to be certain of before commenting is that you are very specific and site details. Every comment gets reviewed and so it can't be like, "i really loved this site!" You only get 10 warnings, and if 11 comments of yours get rejected, you are banned from the site. Don't get scared, but just make sure you are specific about what you say, and state your opinion of the product.

Few last note, cash out is 2,000 points, or $20, and like I said, it can rack up quite quickly! Here are my last two cash-outs from the last week.

Happy earnings everyone, and get ur booty over to IM Report Card! :)


  1. Great review :)

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  2. hehe...thanks for stopping by! i'll email u soon too, been pretty busy here...ugh! :)