Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cash Crate Run Down

Hello guys! Well, I've noticed that while I've shown the pay-outs and proof of sites that HAVE worked, I haven't really explained in much detail how one goes about earning from the sites and the best ways to go about this. So, I'm going to start kind of highlighting the best ways on each particular site; what's worked for me, and little tricks I've picked up along the way!

The first site I'm going to talk about is Cash Crate. This is a Get Paid To (GPT) site that in my opinion is the best one. I've had the most success with the offers I complete there going through and this is my top GPT pick. What essentially you do, is you log into the member's area, and there is a list of available offers. What you do is click on the name of the offer and then it will open in a new tab. You then fill out the first initial page (usually it asks for your email address) and click submit. You're then directed to a page to fill out your info. including address, phone number, etc. Once you click submit on that, you are then forwarded to a bunch of different offer that advertisers want you to view. You can then, from here on out click 'NO' on the offers and just pass on through. You just need to view and click the next page to get credit for this...YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY OR SIGN UP FOR ANYTHING! sorry, want to emphasize that. Finally, you're usually taken to a final few pages of 'silver, gold, platinum' offers. At the Cash Crate page, in the description it will tell you how many of the offers you need to click on to get credit. Now, as long as you click on the offer and the tab pulls up on your browser, you get credit for it. You simply need to view the ad and nothing more. Once you open the stated amount of offers (usually 2 or 3) you can then click the 'submit' button on the right hand side on the Cash Crate members page. The offer will then go into your pending file and you will get an email notification when the offer goes through and you get credited however much money was stated along with the offer.

Now, a few things you must know in order to best fill these offers out:

1.) You need to clear your Cookies (by clearing personal data, it should be in your drop-down Tools bar) after every offer you do, because most of the sites keep track and if you don't clear them then your offers won't get credited
2.) You need to use different email addresses on similar offers because again, the host sites won't credit you if you've done too many offers with the same email addresses

Of course there are other things you can pick up along the way and I'll gladly email my referrals! Feel free to leave me any comments or whatnot and I'll share anything I've learned. Finally, one last note on Cash Crate, and that is, there are also surveys to complete for money and that can be found on the main page, just click the survey offers and click go. The annoying thing is lots of times you may not qualify for the survey and end up wasting time filling out the profile questions, but if you're bored...go for it!

These are my current stat's for this month, and hopefully I'll be hitting the $20 cash-out soon! :) Okay guys, I'll get back to you later!

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