Thursday, September 3, 2020


Let's be honest, now-a-days, I think we all could use a little more green in our wallets! It's no secret that the economy has seen much better days and the job market out there is BRUTAL!! Having experienced my own set or money woes, I've sought out ways to make a few quick bucks online. The problem there is of course the Scams that are lurking behind all those promises to make a millions dollars in a weekend, buy such and such and you'll be set for life...yada yada yada. Well, I've tested and tried a few different sites and found it is possible to make some money without breaking the bank and wanted to share them with you! Below are a few of tried and true sites that not only work...but I've received checks in the mail and money into my paypal account! YAY! Check them out, and keep reading below for more tips and tricks as I go along! Good luck guys!

This one is probably the best site to get paid to simply click on offers and get paid to do it!

This site is AWESOME, as it lists the reviews of tons of products, services, people and more of everything that someone looking to make money online might come across. Not only that, but it will pay you to post comments and rate things you've tried!

Complete some quickie offers and this site definitely has the quickest approval rating!

Search & Win

Just use the search engine and each time you do you could win a Swagbuck to redeem at the store!


This is a cool site that pays you for simply looking at an ad!

Join Associated Content

Get paid to write! Break out that creative writer that's lurking inside you! :)

This is another site to get paid to click on offers and look at ads and get paid to do it!

This is a sticky post, so after checking out these sites, scroll down and see what the latest post I've got is. Best of luck out there guys! :)


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cashle Pulls Ahead as New PTD Favorite :)


Okay, I'm going to highlight another PTD site, Cashle. It's very similar to Cash Crate; however, recently it has been winning much more of my affection that Cash Crate. This is because Cashle's offers have been whizzing through for me in usually a matter of minutes! It has the fastest approval rate that I've experienced and obviously more money = happy me! :) The cool thing about Cashle, is that offers are listed with stats of how likely they are to go through and accredit for you, and also how long they usually take to go through. Even better, there is a comment section of every offer where other members have shared their experience with the offers.

Cashle has of course tons of regular offers that you click through and ads, but also surveys and fun little games you can check out. There's the chat room where you can mingle with other people looking to make a few bucks and dollars, and that's a neat attraction. At Cashle you can earn either money or points that can be redeemed on Amazon. But lately, for me, even the points have been ringing up as money, so either way you make out.

There's not a minimum payout, which is way nice because you can request your money whenever! Cashle's been the forerunner as of late in all the PTD sites and I'm making the most there the I'd recommend checking it out!!

Later guys!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Swagbucks...get paid to search!

Okay, well, I wanted to actually highlight a site I haven't talked about yet, which is Swagbucks. This is actually a really cool concept that rewards you for simply using Swagbucks as your search engine on the web. It's linked up with Google, so it's a great engine, and the way it works is kind of like a lottery every time you do a search. You just go about your normal web browsing, and every now and again you'll win a Swagbuck! It's really cool and fun, and can even be a bit addicting :) You never know when you'll win, or how much. You can get one, two, or five Swagbucks, which you can redeem for prizes, gift cards, or even paypal money. There are other ways you can earn too, for trading in an old cell phone, or submitting poll ideas. There's a lot of stuff you can check out at the their site, but I pretty much just use it for my searches. It's searching I'd be doing anyways, so I might as well get rewarded too! So get your booty on over to Swagbucks and see if your next search is lucky!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

IM Report Card Run-Down


Well, I am here to give you the low down on my currently favorite fine: IM Report Card. Now, I know that I've posted my receipts and told you how much I've made, but I haven't told you really how you make it. First, IM Report Card is a listing of tons of different products, services, people, and other ways that you can make money online. There are so many of claims to internet millionaire-ism flying around cyberspace, and at IM Report Card, you can go and check out what is legit, what are scams, and read personal opinions from other members. It's great in that you can not only make money yourself, but read about other products or opportunities you may or may not have heard about.

Okay, so the way it is set up, is through a point system, and basically 1 point = $.01. You get 1 point for rating whether a posted comment is helpful or not, you get 10 points to grading a certain product, service, person, or other, and you get 50 points to making a comment. There are also additional incentives for commenting on products with an * after them, denoting that there are less than 2 comments already posted. So, if you are one of the first to comment, you will get rewarded and get a total of 150 points. You can submit a particular site or product that isn't listed already, and if they choose to profile it you will get rewarded with 100 points.

Okay, now, the only thing you need to be certain of before commenting is that you are very specific and site details. Every comment gets reviewed and so it can't be like, "i really loved this site!" You only get 10 warnings, and if 11 comments of yours get rejected, you are banned from the site. Don't get scared, but just make sure you are specific about what you say, and state your opinion of the product.

Few last note, cash out is 2,000 points, or $20, and like I said, it can rack up quite quickly! Here are my last two cash-outs from the last week.

Happy earnings everyone, and get ur booty over to IM Report Card! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cash Crate Run Down

Hello guys! Well, I've noticed that while I've shown the pay-outs and proof of sites that HAVE worked, I haven't really explained in much detail how one goes about earning from the sites and the best ways to go about this. So, I'm going to start kind of highlighting the best ways on each particular site; what's worked for me, and little tricks I've picked up along the way!

The first site I'm going to talk about is Cash Crate. This is a Get Paid To (GPT) site that in my opinion is the best one. I've had the most success with the offers I complete there going through and this is my top GPT pick. What essentially you do, is you log into the member's area, and there is a list of available offers. What you do is click on the name of the offer and then it will open in a new tab. You then fill out the first initial page (usually it asks for your email address) and click submit. You're then directed to a page to fill out your info. including address, phone number, etc. Once you click submit on that, you are then forwarded to a bunch of different offer that advertisers want you to view. You can then, from here on out click 'NO' on the offers and just pass on through. You just need to view and click the next page to get credit for this...YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY OR SIGN UP FOR ANYTHING! sorry, want to emphasize that. Finally, you're usually taken to a final few pages of 'silver, gold, platinum' offers. At the Cash Crate page, in the description it will tell you how many of the offers you need to click on to get credit. Now, as long as you click on the offer and the tab pulls up on your browser, you get credit for it. You simply need to view the ad and nothing more. Once you open the stated amount of offers (usually 2 or 3) you can then click the 'submit' button on the right hand side on the Cash Crate members page. The offer will then go into your pending file and you will get an email notification when the offer goes through and you get credited however much money was stated along with the offer.

Now, a few things you must know in order to best fill these offers out:

1.) You need to clear your Cookies (by clearing personal data, it should be in your drop-down Tools bar) after every offer you do, because most of the sites keep track and if you don't clear them then your offers won't get credited
2.) You need to use different email addresses on similar offers because again, the host sites won't credit you if you've done too many offers with the same email addresses

Of course there are other things you can pick up along the way and I'll gladly email my referrals! Feel free to leave me any comments or whatnot and I'll share anything I've learned. Finally, one last note on Cash Crate, and that is, there are also surveys to complete for money and that can be found on the main page, just click the survey offers and click go. The annoying thing is lots of times you may not qualify for the survey and end up wasting time filling out the profile questions, but if you're bored...go for it!

These are my current stat's for this month, and hopefully I'll be hitting the $20 cash-out soon! :) Okay guys, I'll get back to you later!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekly Round-up and PayPal Receipts! :)


Well, I hope everyone has had a nice Friday and is ready to enjoy the weekend! As for me, I wanted to update you all on my latest ventures. As for YouData I wanted to show you my first payment from them that I received today as promised! Now, you may laugh and be like, "whoo-hoo, you got a little over a buck" but this is actually the best rate for a PTC site. Where most give you maybe a penny for each ad viewed, here you get anywhere from $.05-$.12! And since YouData pays you every single Friday through PayPal, it's legit and you know what, it adds up!! :)

Also, a quick little update on the wonder that has become IM Report of today when I cashed out another $24.71, this makes the second time this week that I've hit the pay-out standard! Whoo-hoo!! So, for this week I've made over $40 which is by far the best site I'm using right if you're still not signed up...get ur butt on over to IM Report Card because it rocks my socks off...hehe...sorry, not to be lame, but whatever! Below is the PayPal for the first one I got this week, and I'll post the next one when it goes through within the next 24 hours! They pay you quick :)

And lastly, I just signed up for a new site, Squishy Cash and if you sign up now, they are having a special promotion with an automatic $5 just for joining! Since cash-out is $20, that would make you a quarter of the way there. They have lots of things actually, and you can choose to do PTC ads, fill out offers like those on Cash Crate, fill out surveys, and tons of other freebie deals. They have a little casino area to win prizes and it is pretty cool to check out all they have to offer...I'll keep you updated on that site. for me, I'm off, but hopefully you'll keep checking back and good luck to you all with your money hunting :)


Tuesday, September 8, 2009



So, I just joined a new site called YouData that pays you simply for clicking on ads and opening them up! The ads vary on how much you get paid, but they run about 0.05-0.13, and since they are quick and easy to pull up, you can rack those cents up pretty quickly! This is a pretty new site and they are actually pretty impressive. The site itself is really businessy and the ad-viewer you download is a nifty little thing. This is definitely one of the best and highest paid Pay-Per-Click (PTC) sites, as other maybe give you a penny for each ad viewed if you're lucky! When you first join, you basically get a list of ads available and then you're ready to go! Once you fill out all the ads that are up at the time, you can keep checking back to find out if any new ones pop up. The great thing about YouData is they pay you through Paypal every Friday, regardless of how much you've earned, so there's no minimum payout you have to reach and you're stuck waiting forever to get paid! So, if you're going to join a PTC site, this is the way to go!!