Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cashle Pulls Ahead as New PTD Favorite :)


Okay, I'm going to highlight another PTD site, Cashle. It's very similar to Cash Crate; however, recently it has been winning much more of my affection that Cash Crate. This is because Cashle's offers have been whizzing through for me in usually a matter of minutes! It has the fastest approval rate that I've experienced and obviously more money = happy me! :) The cool thing about Cashle, is that offers are listed with stats of how likely they are to go through and accredit for you, and also how long they usually take to go through. Even better, there is a comment section of every offer where other members have shared their experience with the offers.

Cashle has of course tons of regular offers that you click through and ads, but also surveys and fun little games you can check out. There's the chat room where you can mingle with other people looking to make a few bucks and dollars, and that's a neat attraction. At Cashle you can earn either money or points that can be redeemed on Amazon. But lately, for me, even the points have been ringing up as money, so either way you make out.

There's not a minimum payout, which is way nice because you can request your money whenever! Cashle's been the forerunner as of late in all the PTD sites and I'm making the most there the I'd recommend checking it out!!

Later guys!