Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekly Round-up and PayPal Receipts! :)


Well, I hope everyone has had a nice Friday and is ready to enjoy the weekend! As for me, I wanted to update you all on my latest ventures. As for YouData I wanted to show you my first payment from them that I received today as promised! Now, you may laugh and be like, "whoo-hoo, you got a little over a buck" but this is actually the best rate for a PTC site. Where most give you maybe a penny for each ad viewed, here you get anywhere from $.05-$.12! And since YouData pays you every single Friday through PayPal, it's legit and you know what, it adds up!! :)

Also, a quick little update on the wonder that has become IM Report of today when I cashed out another $24.71, this makes the second time this week that I've hit the pay-out standard! Whoo-hoo!! So, for this week I've made over $40 which is by far the best site I'm using right if you're still not signed up...get ur butt on over to IM Report Card because it rocks my socks off...hehe...sorry, not to be lame, but whatever! Below is the PayPal for the first one I got this week, and I'll post the next one when it goes through within the next 24 hours! They pay you quick :)

And lastly, I just signed up for a new site, Squishy Cash and if you sign up now, they are having a special promotion with an automatic $5 just for joining! Since cash-out is $20, that would make you a quarter of the way there. They have lots of things actually, and you can choose to do PTC ads, fill out offers like those on Cash Crate, fill out surveys, and tons of other freebie deals. They have a little casino area to win prizes and it is pretty cool to check out all they have to offer...I'll keep you updated on that site. for me, I'm off, but hopefully you'll keep checking back and good luck to you all with your money hunting :)


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