Thursday, September 3, 2020


Let's be honest, now-a-days, I think we all could use a little more green in our wallets! It's no secret that the economy has seen much better days and the job market out there is BRUTAL!! Having experienced my own set or money woes, I've sought out ways to make a few quick bucks online. The problem there is of course the Scams that are lurking behind all those promises to make a millions dollars in a weekend, buy such and such and you'll be set for life...yada yada yada. Well, I've tested and tried a few different sites and found it is possible to make some money without breaking the bank and wanted to share them with you! Below are a few of tried and true sites that not only work...but I've received checks in the mail and money into my paypal account! YAY! Check them out, and keep reading below for more tips and tricks as I go along! Good luck guys!

This one is probably the best site to get paid to simply click on offers and get paid to do it!

This site is AWESOME, as it lists the reviews of tons of products, services, people and more of everything that someone looking to make money online might come across. Not only that, but it will pay you to post comments and rate things you've tried!

Complete some quickie offers and this site definitely has the quickest approval rating!

Search & Win

Just use the search engine and each time you do you could win a Swagbuck to redeem at the store!


This is a cool site that pays you for simply looking at an ad!

Join Associated Content

Get paid to write! Break out that creative writer that's lurking inside you! :)

This is another site to get paid to click on offers and look at ads and get paid to do it!

This is a sticky post, so after checking out these sites, scroll down and see what the latest post I've got is. Best of luck out there guys! :)



  1. Hi! I'm MsFit.
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    Are you new to making money online?
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  2. Hey MsFit!

    Thanks for the 'follower' status...hehe :) I'm following you now too! Yea, I'm relatively new to making money online. I joined Cash Crate and a few survey panels about 1 1/2 years ago, but as with tough times I've been looking for new ways and wanted to start a blog! Yes, I'm definitely wary of all those scams lurking out there...ugh, so that's why I'm hoping to share some sites I've had success with! Feel free to offer any up and do keep in touch! :)

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  4. Thanks for the comment! Your own site is great...hopefully one day mine will grow and be as expansive :) Looks like you've had some great experiences earning yourself! Keep in touch! :)

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